Ellen van der Woude


Biography I'm a Dutch artist working and living in Luxembourg.

Creativity is one of my life's key elements. Already at childhood, I was surrounded by paper, pencils, paint and clay, allowing me to express myself without limitations. Creating art has always been my true passion. My work includes ceramics and paintings. However, my ceramic work has become so time consuming that there's hardly time to paint anymore.

The overwhelming beauty of nature is at the heart and soul of nearly all my work. The rich details and variety that nature has to offer, the unique shapes, patterns, texture and color variations form an endless source of inspiration. 


Biography My most recent work is inspired by the sea and in particular submarine sea life; a fascinating world of an unparalleled beauty. Challenging the boundaries of clay and porcelain, I create delicate, imaginative sculptures reminiscent of sea-anemones, sea-urchins and corals. Each has its own texture and is decorated with small elements, all made individually by hand. Through careful manipulating techniques, like changing the size and direction of those elements, the use of materials such as engobes, slip and oxide make the works look organic and natural, as if alive.

In this age of mechanical reproduction, the notions of authenticity and individual identity are becoming ever-so endangered. Almost dominated by Facebook, Instagram and Photoshop we continue to aim for perfection. An exhausting search I refuse to pursue, as it is a man-made and non-existing concept. I challenge this lack of originality by embedding human touch in my art. Thus the sculptures are and never will be perfect, which results in a flawed beauty of its own. 

In the tranquility of my studio I work attentively on creating unique pieces.The ideas are always somewhere there, half-formed: living inside me for a while before emerging. And then all I need is an awful lot of time and patience to work them out. Good music helps me to concentrate and finding a rhythm. 


Biography Through my work, I seek to draw attention to the issue of marine pollution. A staggering amount of waste enters the oceans every year, ranging from plastic bags to pesticides endangering seas, coasts, coral reefs and all magnificent life forms that inhabit these places. Hidden under the vast quantities of water, we easily forget the beauty this ecosystem has to offer us and most crucially, its importance to our planet and ultimately our lives. I hope to raise awareness of this destructive process at the hand of these sculptures, By holding, touching or gazing upon the artworks, may you feel inspired to enjoy nature but more importantly contribute to its conservation. It is our responsibility to save our planet.

If you like more information or visit my studio, just send an email to efvanderwoude@gmail.com.

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram

(Photos: ©Edwin de Kemp fotografie)





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