Ellen van der Woude


About  I'm a Dutch artist working and living in Luxembourg.
Creativity is one of my life's key elements. Already at childhood, I was surrounded by paper, pencils, paint and clay, allowing me to express myself without limitations. Creating art has always been my true passion. My work includes ceramics and paintings.

The overwhelming beauty of nature is at the heart and soul of nearly all my work. The rich details and variety that nature has to offer, the unique shapes, patterns, texture and color variations form an endless source of inspiration. 

The ideas are always somewhere there, half-formed: living inside me for a while before emerging. And then all I need is an awful lot of time and patience to work them out. Good music helps me to concentrate and finding a rhythm. 

My most recent work is based on botanical and maritime themes and can be seen on exhibitions that I regularly participate in.

If you like more information or visit my studio, just send an email to efvanderwoude@gmail.com

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram





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