Ellen van der Woude
See a Sea Anemone, Blooming Dreams, ø4 Don't Touch (Me), ø Early Sensation, ø4 Seafood Diet, ø 47c Winky Blue, ø23cm, Ocean Life III, ø 3 You're Lookin' Sharp White Ice I & II, ø Green Thumb, 25 x 18 Where Flowers Bloom, Seashell Wishes, ø Yin, 29 x 18 x 16 cm Beachtime, ø 35 cm, Vulnerability, 48 x Tuscan Sun, ø25cm, Trying to Make the d Biomorphic Fantasy I Baccara, ø23cm Balancing Act, 32 x Big Smile I, ø42cm, Connected in the Dee Rhapsody in Blue, 42 Black Barlow, 44 x 3 It's what's inside t Waving Anemone, ø 3
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